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All RFID / Proximity Solution
Hardware & Electronics
rfid starter kit LR110 black Mifare - Wiegand
ID-12 starter pack 
RFID development KIT
LR-110 EM reader with wiegand output Mifare -Wiegand output
Long Range RFID up to 15Meters.
PF5210  (WITH TAG PFH300)
* Proximity / RF / Remote reader can send Wiegand signal / TTL / RS-485 / RS -232C .
*  Visible 5 LED and beeps sound.
* 125KHz ASK type and various Wiegand format (26/34/44 bits) output.
* Reading range from 5 to 15 m .
Card Hand free card about 3  to 15 meters distance-5210
Surface mount, water proof   
 ACR1281u-C8 or ACR1281s-C8 iso14443 standard mifare/Philips RFID reader / writer new
RFIDRfid products and accessories for industries (Document tracking, Library, Retail, etc) and applications (Supply Chain, Inventory, Asset tracking , etc.) , pilot project, fully automatic standalone, programmable or remote control capabilities. rfid

also supporting RFID Services like smart card printing
(RFID), upgrading system with RFID Technology, embedding RFID system to existing system.
You can read Simple RFID  or Applications in Educationnew
RFID products on Indonetwork- RFID BLOG - Search RFID-
Pegasus PFH-9210 made in Taiwan. (RFID Advanced long range proximity reader)
RFID Proximity advanced long range reader,PFH-9210-300 Proximity hand free system with High technologies performance for 3 meters. PFH-9210-60 Proximity reader for 60 cm distance. The Pegasus PFH-9210 system is an advanced and Hi-technology reader for vehicle or personal access application. Especially for....Next
PG-Prox-GID  ACR88-CL1 dual readerDual type
smart card reader,
contact and
contactless (mifare
More RFID  here
Temic reader with windows software  ACR88- CL1   ACM120 Module SEARCH RFID
ID-20 modulesAlso
available ID-12
ID-40 newID-125 newID-180
ID-20 Modul ID-40 ID-125 ID-180
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