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Adenium Obesum seeds (the dessert rose) or more famous name "Japanese Kamboja (local name). Plant originating from Thailand hybrid. Match for plants collector, bonsai lover and fans.
rosesana.cc.ccKidstuff sunflower, plant height 80 to 120 cm.
Suitable for beginner and hobbyist.
Available limited seeds stock.
Contact email:rosesana@yahoo.com

more sunflower seeds
at : http://sunflower-rosesana.blogspot.com ►►►
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This page contains agriculture seeds , we specialized in plant seed as hobbyist
Any question don't hesitate to contact me via email
coreopsisCoreopsis seeds ( available colors : orange, yellow, pink-white, ) or Tickseed .
General name for Coreopsis is Tickseed, From Asteraceae family and Coreopsis genus . Usually the flower came orange or yellow
with serrated top flower . More...
Common Name: Cabe Thailand (Thai Dragon Pepper)
Botanic Name: Capsicum annuum
Description: Thailand pepper / Thai Dragon will harmony grow like bush about 30x30cm (1x1'). 3-4cm (1-1.5") fruit size, consist of several color, purple, green, yellow, orange  and red. Its cute for  your pot or garden. More...

foxtail palmFoxtail Palm seeds, or more popular name "Palem ekor tupai" (Botanic name: Wodyetia Bifurcata). Gorgeous and exotic Tropical Palm. Hobbyist must have on your garden! Call/ sms:0816.544.3875 or email: rosesana@yahoo.com  New seeds available!

kemuningMurraya paniculata, commonly called Orange Jessamine, Chinese box, "mock orange", Mock lime, Satinwood, or Lakeview Jasmine (mainly in Florida), is a tropical, evergreen plant bearing small, white, scented flowers, which is grown as an ornamental tree or hedge. Murraya is closely related to Citrus. More ....

Ravenea Sp, seeds  variant Princess body Trunk / Palem Putri) - Single Tree (medium seeds)   live in 28-30 deg Celcius or tropical area.
Clean and Hard for the rodd and have a partition like crown. The rodd diameter  8-10 inches Leaf type very thick with medium hump can reach 8-10 feet height .
easy maintenance , grow speed: medium 

Palm Tree seeds - Carpenteria acuminata
The relative Fast Grow Up and most beautiful palm tree. With green brightness leaf, and red fruits. Carefully for the resin that can make human skin irritated. Spreading South east Asia to Australia for good region. To be "epidemic" cause the popularity and easy for plantation and no serious diseases.

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