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ke25 ke50The Figaro Oxygen Sensor KE series (KE-25 and KE-50) is a unique galvanic cell type oxygen sensor which was developed in Japan in 1985. Its most notable features are long life expectency, excellent chemical durability, and it is not influenced by CO2. The Figaro oxygen sensor is ideal to meet the ever-increasing demand for oxygen monitoring in various fields such as combustion gas monitoring, the biochemical field, medical applications, domestic combustion appliances, etc. more GAS SENSOR
A sensor is a type of transducer which uses one type of energy, a signal of some sort, and converts it into a reading for the purpose of information transfer. A mercury thermometer is an example of a sensor that converts the expansion and contraction of a volume of mercury in response to change in temperature (the signal), to a reading on a calibrated glass tube giving information about ambient temperature. Other sensors, such as a thermocouple, produce an output voltage or other electrical output which may be attached to a meter for reading a change or interpreted by another device (such as a computer). For accuracy in the application a calibration of the sensor and its output information is necessary.
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