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Stamps and Coin Collection
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This page contains many stamps collection worldwide and Coins or paper money . more collection
Any question don't hesitate to
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Good Condition, Rare Collection
Stamp Title : Indonesian Pavilion in New York. Year 1964. World's Fair 1964. 1 piece of stamp. 25 rupiah contact: rosesana@yahoo.com
Stamps Collection, unique and antique, very rare and mostly gorgeous. For more information can contact : rosesana@yahoo.com  Compare to EBAY price!
The Great Indonesian General Sudirman, Rare Collection, Must Have . Stamp Title : Djenderal Sudirman 1912-1950 . 1 piece of stamp. 4 rupiah. Contact: rosesana@yahoo.com
Antiques and rare stamp collections , Chinese Mask Opera. 1964, . 60 yuan, 1 pcs.
contact email : rosesana@yahoo.com
United Nation Anniversary, US Postage, must have for history. Stamp Title: United Nations 25th Anniversary. United States Postage 6 Cents. 1 piece of stamp. Contact: rosesana@yahoo.com
Nederlandsch Indie ( Netherland ) . 2 1/2 Cent. 1920. In The Back there are javanese and arabic script.  contact email: rosesana@yahoo.com
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